The Google Search Console Exists

If you are not using it yet, you should definitely start using the Google Search Console.

You don't need to make changes to your site's console, or start setting cookies or anything. You simply add your domain to the tool, verify that the domain belongs to you by addint a TXT record to your DNS and you're done!

From now on, you'll be able to see

and much more.

Getting Started

If you don't see anything indexed, try submitting your sitemap. Google takes a while to index all of your pages sometimes, so don't expect the process to go quickly.

However, you'll be able to diagnose errors on your pages, issues which might hurt your search rankings and the status of the indexing at any time (but with slight delay).

For example, right now I'm checking on one of my websites every now in a while - it started out with 0 indexed pages, went to about 30 and is at 90-ish by now. 1800 pages more to go, but I already can see information about interesting search queries, and how well the indexing is progressing.

Diving Deeper

That was only a very shallow look at the tool. There's a lot more you can get out of it. Honestly, I'm still in the beginning myself, and am looking forward to learn more in the near future.

If you are curious about your site's Google performance, and haven't done so - make sure your meta tags for SEO and social sharing are in order! Taking care that they are in place will help to rank higher as well.