Hello there!

Glad to see you here. It's really early and there isn't much published yet. If you are an independent consultant, and care about your professional webpage, you have come to the right place.

I'm Vladislav, my main business revolves around being an independent consultant and my main site vsupalov.com is one of the most important assets I have. I strongly believe that a good professional website will be an essential key to my future professional success. I'm also quite sure that almost everybody who strikes out to be an independent (tech) professional can benefit from being findable on the web, and well-represented by what people find.

Despite moderate success, I don't think that my current site is doing the best possible job for my business. This project was started because I want to find out what's lacking, what I don't know yet and how to improve. There are so many topics which go into creating a successful independent consulting site. I want to learn more about most of them, share my learnings (to learn better), and share the journey to help other people, like you, benefit from the experience.

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